Definition of Insanity

The definition of Insanity is to keep on doing the same action and expecting different results. Well I am not insane…. Well I am not trying to bring the insanity from previous years into 2009. I am approaching my weight loss in a fresh way.
• Acknowledging my weakness- from television, to chocolate to sheer laziness at times. I can’t pretend that I am immune to chocolate and then wonder why all the cupcakes are gone in my house. Or all of the wheat thins… too much of anything can be bad for you.
• Acknowledge my strengths- I love to cook, love walking, and socializing
• What I want I want to acquire - I love for a specific exercise (when I was a kid it was the Stairmaster and step aerobics), discipline, and do more non-television activities.

So what am I going to do??
• Weight watchers- everyone has success on the program and it can change the way you relate to food.
• RUN- yup signed up for the MORE half marathon in New York (I can run/ walk it if I like)
• Write- journaling helps you stay ground and see what triggers things in you.

For the blog… I will add celebrity workouts… we don’t need to see what they say they do… like egg whites and veggies in the morning protein and veggies for lunch and salad and chicken for dinner… that sounds boring… I will also try and do a couple of book reviews.