How do I love Cool Running.....

Let Me Count the Ways—

I have been searching for a way to get off my tuckus and burn the extra fat I have gained over the years – the Set Fat, I gained as a DGA trainee (the craft service table can be deadly) and the Happy Fat I gained when I met Craig (mi amore). Many of the running programs I found online seemed too ambitious -- A sedentary person cannot just wake up and run 2 minutes—or maybe I can’t. So I was very pleased when I discovered C25k on

C25k, Couch Potato to 5K, is a running program created by Josh Clarke of This program gets you off the couch and on the track! Cool Running is a great website for newbies and experienced runners because it offers several programs; from training for your first 5k to your first marathon. I like this beginner program the best because you start off slow. Week 1 you are alternating between running and walking – running 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds—by the end of Week 9 you are a runner.

The first issue I encountered while doing this program was that I kept on forgetting when to run and when to walk (looking at my watch every 60 seconds was a pain in the arse as well)… Thank God for podcast! Below are a list of several podcast creators and their music style. Click the link below to see the list and let me know which one you love the best!

Here is a list of cool podcast for these running programs: My Favorite Site—GoNicoleYourself-- -- The music rocks – poppy girly music—who doesn’t want to run to the Pussy Catdolls

Suze’s Couch to 5k Podcast* -- this is a great podcast for all the hiphop lovers out there!!

Robert Ullrey's C25K Podcasts*Robert is the father of all C25K podcast—even though I do not like the music – kind of new-agey – but I love that the voice comes up to tell you when to walk and to run. It makes running more enjoyable. (* = the podcast tells you when to run or walk)

Couch to 5K - Christian Indie Tracks*Christian Indie music tracks—

DJSteveboy- This is a great mix of house type music—he has plans for 5K, 8K, 10K--

Chubby Jones --Creates podcast for workout lovers --

Helpful Apps/ Programs that can help you Create our own Playlist

C25K App for iPhone—Be your own DJThe iPhone app let's you listen to your own music and it gives you audio alerts according to C25K intervals. This sounds really neat. Cost is $3.99.C25k App for the Android Phone- Same as the apple app but free-

Lestyn's C25K Podcasts: No MusicThis is the garage band document that will allow you to create your own playlist.