Review: David Barton Gym

Luxury Gym, This is. The gym is impressive -- 3,000+ square feet, which includes state of the art machines, the best locker room in NYC, challenging classes, and eye candy. Did I say the locker room is the Best Locker Room in NYC? It is just like the picture—a dimly lit sanctuary embraced by dark wood… where folks are happy to be naked.

As I walk up the stairs of what seems to be a landmark building I am struck by the sense of regality… like a teen sneaking into the Palladium, circa 1997. As I approach the desk and state (maybe too excitedly) I have a free month membership, the bouncers replied-- back of the line. The male front desk attendant is more interested in flirting with gym members than helping me… but then again this is Chelsea… how mad can you get. I still feel fabulous because I am getting IN.

I do make it to the front of the line and I receive the tour. The facility is pretty amazing the ground floor is all weights. First floor is all cardio machines with a room for spinning and studio gym classes (i.e. MELT, PLEASURE & PAIN). Top floor has the locker rooms and yoga studio. The classrooms on the 1st floor seem kind of small, I wonder how packed the classes get during peak times since you don’t have to RSVP for a class.

The classes have great names… I took the MELT class, which is like working out one-on-one with a personal trainer. In this class we do jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges and squats with weights... and that is just the warm-up. The goal of this class is to MELT the weight away with a blend of cardio & weight training. All of their classes have this kind of theme of using weights and cardio, which we all know from reading one Self Magazine, is crucial to weight loss.

The Gym feels like a club they have music blaring out of the speakers which can get most gym-goer in the zone, however if you love your playlist it maybe hard getting into the zone because they gym music will seep in. If I were a man, this gym would also have a meat market feel to it because everyone is so buff with good skin and perfectly arched brows. I hope maybe by the end of the month I can find a gay BFF.

Last but not least the locker room… The lighting is relaxing. The sauna, I could stay there all day and truly melt the pounds away. The showers are equipped with Bumble Bee products, shaving cream, razors, and the stalls are wide with adjustable showerheads. The mosaic tiles through out the locker room calms you and the price tag for all this is about 115 a month. If it were in Brooklyn I would be tempted.
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