Inspiration/ New Starts

Dwelling in the past to try and figure out -- where you would be if you just made this choice, or completed this project, or worked out yesterday—is a recipe for disaster. You can only start from today and envision where you want to be tomorrow.

Sometimes, I think I haven't had the success I want because I find it hard to complete projects -- often because the projects I have completed don't bear the fruit that it should. I am learning to take the inevitability out of the way I see time. You should not throw out a plant because it does not bare fruit—we don’t ask our kids to drop out of school because they failed one test. To truly achieve what you want you must try and try.

Today I recommit myself to this blog and to goal of fitness. I hope my journey inspires all women (especially African American women) to put themselves first.

With my mind in a positive space -- I saw the June Cover of Oxygen Magazine (a magazine I have been scared of because of the muscles and the women with them) with Alicia. She looks so fit and muscular in a non-scary way that she has become my new inspiration. I am not sure if my body can become as tight and tiny as a Victoria Secret Model (nor do I want that -- I think) but I can be come fit and strong with (dare I say) some definition.

Alicia has become my fitness inspiration. What is yours?